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Using a 3 Wireless Broadband USB Stick Under Fedora

I bought a 3 Wireless Broadband USB Stick to use with my Fedora subnotebook.

Installing it was about as painful as installing a WiFi adapter a few years ago.
Install modeswitch to switch the usb stick to broadband mode (I think) –
su -c ‘yum install usb_modeswitch usb_modeswitch-data’
Reboot (I think).
Plug in the wireless broadband stick.
Configure the wireless broadband connection using Network Manager or System/Preferences/Network Connections

Select ‘enable wireless broadband’ from the network manager right-click menu.
Connect to 3’s web site to register and get sent your password by SMS.
Install gammu to get the text message containing the password –
su -c ‘yum install gammu’
dmesg | grep tty
su -c ‘chmod +rw /dev/ttyUSB2’
gammu getallsms
Use the password to complete online registration and you’re ready to go.