Month: May 2010


Tomorrow I start a new job. I was at my last job for six years, so this is quite a change. I’m kinda excited.

The Supernaturalism of Qualia

Qualia are experiential properties that you cannot reduce further or explain in terms of anything else. The colour red for example. Red cannot be broken down to sklee, flurb and mwow. Nor can it be explained in terms of wum

Using a 3 Wireless Broadband USB Stick Under Fedora

I bought a 3 Wireless Broadband USB Stick to use with my Fedora subnotebook. Installing it was about as painful as installing a WiFi adapter a few years ago. Install modeswitch to switch the usb stick to broadband mode (I think)


I love books. At art school we learnt how to print and bind them, but I was reading them long before that and I’m one of those people for whom death by bookpile is not an unrealistic threat. So it’s