Month: March 2010

Notes Towards Free Culture

Critique of the ICC’s report on the digital economy in Europe US spooks plotted to destroy Wikileaks Entertainment industry sours on term “pirate” — too sexy Spotify: Make Money with Analogue Scarcity New ACTA leak: It’s a screwjob for the

Various Links

Werewolves in Music New UK edition of “Lonely Werewolf Girl” in shops now Graphical perception – learn the fundamentals first More on the Synthetic Aesthetics residencies Hacker Conference Calls for Projects and Tech Art (Link to) The Economics of (Art)

SaaS – Why Isn’t Wikipedia The Same As Google Docs?

Richard Stallman’s new essay on Software as a Service (SaaS) is quite explicit about why a group of friends or colleagues collaborating to write an article on Google Docs, which is SaaS by Stallman’s definition, is different from them collaborating to write

Links Roundup 2010-03-26

Miguel de Icaza acknowledges Mono’s past problems with patents, but not its current ones – Theora is not more of a patent threat than h246, Gruber 😉 – Gruber’s Theora journey continues (answers to his questions – because

It’s Foo! It’s A Bar! Come To The FooBar! If you’re in Boston on Friday, come to the FooBar! With a lot of people in town for the LibrePlanet conference, we decided to have a little event of our own.  What  If you’re interested in free software, free

Digital Economy Bill Orphan Works, DACS and Murdoch “The end game is now in sight. The Digital Economy Bill is now expected to become law within the next 6 weeks. It introduces orphan works usage rights, which – unless amended, which HMG says it will not – will allow

Digital Economy Bill Orphan Works Panic

“Orphan Works” are copyrighted works where the rightsholder cannot be located to grant permission for the work to be used, usually some decades after the fact. They are a real and growing problem. One of the several positive features of

Digital Pioneers

Furtherfield have published my review of the “Digital Pioneers” show at the V&A – It’s already had a lot of attention and some positive feedback. Which I really appreciate. Take a look, and leave feedback at Furtherfield’s site if