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Make Art FooCorp Talk Slides

Here are the slides from my talk at Make Art as a 5.4 MB pdf (all photographs, logos, and the network topography diagram copyright their rightsholders)

And here are the SVG sources for the original diagrams (licence is CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported), 12.5 KB.

Thanks to everyone who asked for these! Any questions just ask in the comments.


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Not sure I understand slide 42:
X Commons
X Open
X Gift economy
X “Freedom” of corporations or projects
X “Freedom” to remove freedom
♥ Individual Freedom
Are the first three or four (I’m not exactly sure what the 4th means) supposed to be checkmarks?

Heya Mike.
The first five are supposed to be red marks/crosses, they are ideas that are popular and have some explanatory power but that from experience I personally find that they distract from thinking about individual freedom, which is what I believe the “freedom” in free software/free culture to be. The fourth one (focussing on corporations or community projects rather than individuals as the entity/subject to be “protected” by alternative licenses) is a problem I’m seeing with some discussion around OpenStreetMap for example, where people are talking about protecting the *project* or giving work back to the *project*, and is common in economic libertarian arguments about how people should be free to remove freedom in order to fit a business model they want to use.
I support Creative Commons, The Open Knowledge Foundation and OpenStreetMap and I advise corporate projects that are intending to use copyleft, so I’m not closed off to reason over these ideas. And plenty of people at Make Art took me to task over the things I said in my talk, it was a great conference.
I’d recommend Simon Yuill’s far more nuanced discussion of these concepts (which I was speaking after) over that slide.

Ah, that makes sense. I assumed you were attempting to say commons etc are good, freedom to remove freedom is not, but what is really important is the good ones further individual freedom. I wasn’t that far off, but now all of the first five having X’s makes sense.
Your dents about Simon Yuill’s talks made me want to hear more. Anything representative of his online?

Hopefully the text of Simon’s talk will be online soon, but in the meantime his essay “All Problems Of Notation Will Be Solved By The Masses” (reprinted in GOTO 10’s “FLOSS+Art book that has my essay “Open Source Art Again Again” in as well 😉 ) can be found here –
There’s a French translation so it was of particular interest for the conference which was bilingual.

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