Month: December 2009

The Cybernetic Artworld 1952, a century after Ada Lovelace suggested that computing machinery might be used to write musical scores, the first text generation program was written at the University Of Manchester. It was a love letter generator. Which I was completely unaware of in 2003 when I wrote "The Cybernetic Artwork Nobody Wrote"."Cybernetic..." was a Flash…
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2009 Good Stuff

In January the sources for Goto 10's "Floss+Art" book were released, which feature the expanded version of my essay "Open Source Art Again".In March I went to the FSF's "Libre Planet" conference, which was great. Thanks to Mako for the sofa!In December I went to Goto 10's "Make Art" conference to talk about Foocorp's…
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The Zero Dollar Laptop Project

Donate your old laptops to help Furtherfield with the Zero Dollar Laptop project!In order to become a Zero Dollar Laptop your old laptop will need:-a working screenprocessor-a minumum 1GHz Pentium 3, Athlon, Celeron.256 (but more ideally 512) ramwireless card would be helpfulSee here for more information -
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I've hopefully restored the formatting on the older entries in this blog.Comment formatting couldn't be recovered this time, hopefully I'll be able to get it back at some point in the future.
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Make Art FooCorp Talk Slides

Here are the slides from my talk at Make Art as a 5.4 MB pdf (all photographs, logos, and the network topography diagram copyright their rightsholders) And here are the SVG sources for the original diagrams (licence is CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported), 12.5 KB. Thanks to everyone who asked for these! Any questions just ask…
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Albums of the Year

Embracing cliche, and alphabetically -Good -Demize - Maleficent (Nine Inch Nails fronted by Danielle Dax rather than Trent Reznor)Divided - Theoretical Girl (well-observed superior chamber folk )Djin - Queen Adreena (Heavy and scary, sometimes too much so but worth it anyway)Flattery Not Included - Mister B The Gentleman Rhymer (sharp, witty chap-hop fun)From An Ancient…
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Cover Version

"This is not my song to you and this is not me singing it, A cover version, words I found, dressed in black with eyes seductive, Eyes are mirrors of the soul, mirror mine I don't feel whole, I remember yesterday but someone else bought yesterday..." - 'Cover Version', Words and Music.What is your favourite cover version? Mine are,…
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