Month: October 2009

Steampunk Primary Sources II

More PDFs (and sometimes epubs) of original Victorian and Edwardian books of interest to Steampunks. See part one here, and how these books were found here. Automata (1893) Automobiles (1900) Babbage On The Difference Engine (1864) Engineering

Steampunk Primary Sources From Google Books And

Here is a list of PDFs of books from the Victorian (and Edwardian) era that Steampunks can take ideas and illustrations from. There are many more that can be found, see my post on how to search to help you

HOWTO Search For Public Domain ebooks Using Google Books and

If you are looking for electronic versions of old public domain books and journals you can get good results by using Google Books and together. Start with Google Books, which has more metadata and more search options than


A while ago I made a version of the old computer art language Mini-Explor. It’s a library or domain specific language in Fortran. I’ve tidied the code up a little and added it to my source repository here –;a=summary