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Windows 7 Sins

When I first heard about Windows 7 Sins I didn’t like the idea. But then I saw the website, read the arguments, and I found the whole approach very effective.

Take a look here –

I’ve been following people’s reactions to the campaign’s launch on Reaction has mostly been positive, but there have been some criticisms.

I’ve seen comments complaining that it’s a negative campaign. That is, people being negative about it. If it’s OK to criticise things, it’s OK to criticise things, so I find those complaints self-refuting.

And I’ve seen some complaints
about the design. Which means the design is getting people’s attention. The layout and the JavaScript on the page are excellent in my opinion, and the use of colour gets your attention.

To answer another comment, the FSF does positive campaigning that emphasizes the advantages of Free Software every day. Asking for examples of events that are positive ignores the rest of the FSF’s work. But sometimes you need to answer other people’s arguments, and Microsoft are spending an awful lot of time and money arguing that Windows 7 is a good thing at the moment. From the point of view of free software it patently isn’t, and if the FSF remained silent in the face of this then we would have something to complain about.