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There isn't a web front end for it yet, but draw-something is making a drawing a day at -
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Paintr is at
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Why Net Art Software Should Be AGPL-Licenced

Restricting the study, production, display, preservation or other uses of artworks removes the freedom of those involved in art and thereby damages the cultural, social and economic value of art. Where restrictions take the form of copyright, copyleft licences are a good way of restoring peoples freedom. The freedom of curators, critics and academics, collectors,…
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I'm currently working on a free software microblog bot licenced under the AGPL, which raises two questions. Firstly, who is a user of it? The AGPL only applies to users. And secondly, how can it provide its source code? The AGPL requries that source code be provided to users.Reading a microblog post (a dent or…
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I came up with the idea for paintr one Friday morning in 2005 while thinking about Harold Cohen's arguments regarding computer art in his essays and while thinking about the work of Pall Thayer. Paintr's tag line was "art in the age of network services", or "art as a network service". By lunchtime I had…
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Art Loves Wikipedia

Furtherfield have published an essay by me on how digital artists can work to help improve Wikipedia's representation of digital art by becoming editors and participating in Wikipedia. There's been some good discussion of the article on mailing lists, and hopefully the article has demystified Wikipedia's editing process a bit for artists and encouraged people…
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