Month: April 2009

Only People Making Real Encyclopaediae Should Have Free Speech

Dave Gerard’s comment on Foundation-L neatly encapsulates the problem with Wikimedia’s actions and with the defences of them that I have seen so far, stating of the artistsĀ  – They’re performance artists. This is more performance. They fooled the EFF

Wikimedia Hates Art I have a lot of respect for the Wikimedia Foundation, everyone I’ve met from it have been great people and I use their software and projects daily. I was proud to take part in the Wikipedia Loves Art event

Income – Packet-in-wiki

Income – Packet-in-wiki.Great list of revenue strategies for musicians in the manner of “How To Get Paid For Copyleft Art“.

Web Freedom

Gnash is freeing web users from proprietary software and HTML 5 can free them from proprietary formats. The world wide web became invaluable to society and to the economy because it was based on open standards that were easy to

What Art Materials Do You Use?

Substrates Copier Paper (archival quality), A3 and A4A4 and A5 hardback wire bound sketchbooks, various.Moleskine sketchbooks, small and large Pens and Pencils Sanford china pencils (black, red, blue)Col-erase pencils (blue, red)Sanford Mirado Black Warrior HB graphite pencilsSharpies, various black.Letraset Tria

The Sisters Of Mercy – Forum, 9/4/09

Half a lifetime ago I saw the Sisters of Mercy at the NEC in Birmingham. It was the biggest and loudest gig I’ve ever been to, a spectacle that left me unable to hear properly until I got back off