Month: March 2009

LP – People

I met so many new people at Libre Planet that I cannot remember all of them. I also finally met Mako, Evan, Kat, Mike and Asheesh physically for the first time, after six or seven years of online contact in

LP – Gnash

The world wide web is locked in at least in part to the proprietary Flash format. Replacements such as the HTML 5 canvas tag are emerging (although they have their own issues, see Stallman’s new essay “The Javascript Trap”), but

LP – Ogg Theora

Christopher Montgomery gave a detail-packed presentation about the development, freeing and status of the Theora video codec. If you like video formats then the details of how Theora grids, quantizes, compresses, schedules and otherwise munges video data are fascinating. If

LP – FLOSS Manuals Book Sprint

After making friends with the FLOSS Manuals guys I was initially worried by how few people were in the base room for their book sprint. I needn’t have worried. As well as more people joining the room over the course

LP – Elphel

The Elphel camera is an HD video camera running free software and with a free hardware design. Cameras may seem an unlikely subject for software freedom but digital still and video cameras are computers and by using them we use

LP – Linux Libre

Alexandre Oliva’s talk on the Linux Libre kernel was one of the clearest and most persuasive presentations of the what, why and how of a project that I’ve ever seen. It’s shocking that the Linux kernel has non-free software in

LP – Scheduling

The first day of talks at Libre Planet was scheduled, the second day was open to suggestions. These were gathered using sticky notes and organized on a wiki. This worked very well, with a good balance of thorough presentations of

Fixing a Dishwasher with 3D Printing and Lisp

Andreas Fuchs’ Journal: Clojure and Art of Illusion: BFF. Interesting story about using Clojure Lisp to make a program wheel for a dishwasher. Printing obscure replacement parts and tools will be a strong use of 3D printing for domestic users.

LP – Photos from the conference

Excellent photos from Libre Planet, BY-SA by Matt Hins – Photos from the conference – Free Software Foundation I think I can spot myself in three of the photos, here’s one (I’m on the right of the image) –

LP – The FSF

I hung out at the FSF offices on Friday to help prepare for Libre Planet. If you’ve ever wondered where donations to the FSF go then let me assure you that it’s money well spent. The team are very capable