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Non-Relational Aesthetics

Sometimes, in a free society, we may read things that we not only don’t agree with but that we find personally offensive. For me, Charlie Gere’s “Non-Relational Aesthetics” is that book. It is the most godawful piece of shit ostensiby about art that it has ever been my misfortune to read. But rather then firebombing the publisher, as Gere defended other aggrieved critics doing recently, I’ll commend Artwords Press for seeking out new voices and encouraging readers to engage with ideas that they might not otherwise encounter.

If anyone wants a copy let me know in the comments and I’ll send you mine, post free.

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OK, but when you get the phone call telling you to make a copy and pass it on, don’t ignore it…
(Email me your preferred delivery address, or I can hand it over when we next do lunch.)

Hi Rob,
Is it really that bad? I can understand why some one would wish to write an argument or alternative to Nicolas Bourriaud’s top-down approach. If zeroinfluence has not resoonded yet – I’ll read it.

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