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A UK Blogger’s Guide

UK blogs, boards, Web 2.0 sites: how to not get sued – A Consuming Experience.

Improbulus’s notes on a talk about UK blogging law from  Robert ands of Finers Stephen Innocent, and his slides.

Close to a UK equivalent of the EFF Blogger’s guide, which is more US-specific.

[Update] MJ Ray in the comments points out that the blog and notes are NC and the slides are all rights reserved. Sorry about that. I’ve suggested a freely licenced version to ORG, and Francis Davey seems interested. Email them and let them know it’s a good idea…

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Close to a UK equivalent of the EFF Blogger’s guide, except that it’s a non-commercial licensed blog post based on a no-rights slideshow, which is a bit awkward in the Free/OSS world.
Aside: why’s your blog advertising akismet when javascript is off? Not upgraded to yet?

Yes I didn’t notice that restriction. Sorry about that. I’ve mentioned it on org-discuss and made the case for a Free replacement. I’ll update the post to reflect this later.
As for, I set this blog up on the train in a hurry on the way to Wikipedia Loves Art at the V&A and I seem to have left some rough edges. Again, I’ll fix this later today.

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