Wikipedia Loves Art at the V&A in February
Get involved in a free culture art history photography event in London in February -

Wikipedia Loves Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum is a free content photography contest organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, Wikimedia UK and other Wikipedians. It is due to take place in February 2009 and is part of the wider Wikipedia Loves Art project that month.[email protected]&A

Busy, Busy

Would you like to be a GNU webmaster? Let me know if you would. I’m now the chief GNU webmaster. We need more webmasters.

I’ve been coding for various art projects, writing and drawing (yay!) furiously and reviewing books for Furtherfield. The drawings are mostly for a project of imagined Rothko paintings inspired by recent reports that some of his work was hung the wrong way up at the Tate…

I had a great time at a party at the HTTP gallery on Saturday, talking to lots of interesting people about art, games, new media and old television shows. I don’t know how the old television shows got in there.

But all of this leaves very little time for blogging…

Busy, Busy

I’m doing GNU webmaster work, writing reviews for Furtherfield, trying to gather unfinished art projects together for presentation, and enjoying “Adam Adamant Lives” on DVD.

So I’m not blogging much at the moment.