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Wacom xorg.conf For Lenny Laptop

# This may be useful to someone else Section “InputDevice”    Identifier    “Generic Keyboard”    Driver        “kbd”    Option        “XkbRules”    “xorg”    Option        “XkbModel”    “pc105”    Option        “XkbLayout”    “gb”EndSection Section “InputDevice”    Identifier    “Configured Mouse”    Driver        “mouse”EndSection Section “Device”    Identifier    “Configured

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Thomas Kinkade, IP Maximalist

Two of my least favourite things come together- “Thomas Kinkade’s apparent attempt to establish broad intellectualproperty rights “over a style and manner of painting and image-crafting””

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New GNU T-Shirts

I did the graphic design for some new tshirts from the FSF –   Order them, and many other fine GNU and FSF products, here –

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Mummers Atheism

If God exists and He is the cause of truth, beauty and goodness then His death would remove those qualities from human experience. If God does not exist then truth, beauty and goodness cannot be caused by him and so

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All Problems Of Management Will Be Solved By The Muntzes

Marie Antoinette Somebody has to be holding the parcel when the music stops. Their coronation can be useful for closing any messy chapters in the (art) history books. A career awaits, the messy and unprofessional lived experience of actually doing

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Like That Is Back

“Like That” is back in the art section of the site. Make sure you have Jave enabled and take a look!

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Pawfal Forum A forum for artists coding and free software to make and be art, especially the fluxus livecoding environment. Sign up and ask away!

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Open Source Publishing

The excellent Open Source Publishing, who did the design for the FLOSS+Art book that my revised “Open Source Art Again” essay appears in have used some quotes from it (or the older version reblogged by the P2P Foundation) as part

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Freedom Is For People

I have previously argued that we should talk about “freedom” rather than “openness” because the former provides a guide for action whereas the latter ultimately just confuses people. Openness is not the only term to be wary of. There has

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