Month: October 2008

Libertinage Font Now Available

OSP’s Libertinage font is now available here. Libertinage was commissioned for the FLOSS+Art book. It’s licenced under the OFL, which is emerging as the standard licence for fonts. OSP say – Libertinage is a remix of Linux Libertine and was

How pure:dyne is for Artists

pure:dyne is made by artists for artists. It is used by artists to create and display or perform their own work, and to run workshops and events at galleries, educational institutions and media labs. This means that its design has

Pure:dyne Discussion on Netbehaviour Marc invited two team members of the GOTO10 collective, Heather Corcoran and Aymeric Mansoux to discuss about pure:dyne on the list. The discussion took place between October 16th – 23rd Oct 08. Aninterview and an open discussion was

FLOSS+Art Book Now Available FLOSS+Art critically reflects on the growing relationship betweenFree Software ideology, open content and digital art. It provides aview onto the social, political and economic myths and realities linkedto this phenomenon. With contributions from: Fabianne Balvedi, Florian Cramer, SherDoruff, Nancy

FLOSS+Art Book Launch

FLOSS+Art: Book preview, panel discussion and software party Thursday 23 October18:30 – 20:30 @ Mute Magazine HQThe Whitechapel Centre85 Myrdle StreetLondon E1 1HL ABOUT THE BOOK: FLOSS+Art critically reflects on the growing relationship between FreeSoftware ideology, open content and digital

The Agile Artist 3 – Getting Real

“Getting Real” is 37 Signals’ book of advice for developing internet software more quickly, more easily, and more successfully. As with “Getting Things Done”, this may not at first sound particularly relevant for making art. But Getting Real’s approach to

Value In The Work

Damien Hirst’s diamond skull “For The Love Of God”, 2007, is owned fractionally by Hirst, his dealer and an anonymous investment group. As the monetary value of the work rises and falls, the value of the fraction of it owned

Setting the SVG MIME Type in Subversion

If you have directories containing SVG files that you wish to add to a Subversion repository and you wish them to display as images rather than XML when someone broswes the repository in a web broswer, run the following in

The Agile Artist 2 – Web 2.0 Productivity

There are many Web 2,0 sites that allow you to organize projects using Wikis, checklists of to-do items, calendars and other systems. These can be of use to artists. 37 Signals are the leaders in this area but their work

The Agile Artist 1 – Getting Things Done

The book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen describes an over-arching system for organizing work and life. It has two ideas that I think artists can use without adopting the system wholesale. The first is to organize the working materials