Art Fag City On Surf Clubs

The excellent Art Fag City blog comments on Marisa Olson’s contribution to the “Surf Clubs” debate. AFC agrees with some of what Marisa says, then comments –

I don’t understand why reposting material without attribution on a blog
should take the work out of circulation, or remove a pre-existing
narrative/economy.  Sure they carry a different authority when posted
by a well respected net artist, but this doesn’t negate their history,
nor is it any way distinctive from the mechanisms of other online
social networks.  After all, an influential DIGG member carries
authority too.

For me it is this ventriloquism, and the assumption that artists are somehow doing it better, that is part of the ethical and aesthetic problem of Surf Clubs. And if Surf Clubs are just an accurate representation of the means of production and social relations of Web 2.0, why are they so reliant on the artworld reputations of their contributors?

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