Why does Girl Talk, the hipster Jive Bunny, have an NC licence on his latest work? NC for sampling musicians is fail, doubly so when they are selling the work.

2 thoughts to “Free Culture Failage : Girl Talk

  • Crosbie Fitch

    Perhaps he’s thinking that if he gets prosecuted for commercial infringement, he can then sue everyone else who’s commercially infringed upon his infringement?
    With CC-NC, he at least benefits from free promotion and reproduction. He will no doubt also turn a blind eye to commercial exploitation given it can only help him, and would damage his reputation to start getting petulantly litigious.
    A sort of ‘severally assured destruction’ device. Yes, very sad. 😉
    If I get sued, you get sued – let’s make hay while the sun shines.

  • Blaise Alleyne

    I wrote about this on Techdirt. When I saw Girl Talk in Toronto back in the fall, he responded to some criticism he’d got in a local paper about that, and he said, “it just means you can’t use it in commercials.” I assume that was just a failed attempt to simplify things for a worked up audience…

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