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Orphan Works Ate My Babies!!!

I’m not a US citizen so I’ve been staying out of the Orphan Works Bill debate for the most part. But I am getting more and more emails about it and reading more and more blog post about it. All are against the bill, so to balance this here are some pro-Orphan Works Bill posts:

Orphan Works Myths and Facts

Release The Orphan works

A Riposte To Lessig’s Comments On The Bill

2 replies on “Orphan Works Ate My Babies!!!”

I’m in favour of the bill.
Indeed, I’d have it that anyone can use anyone else’s published work on an assumption it’s out of copyright, and merely have to observe a cease and desist if its copyright holder says “Er, no, I have a privilege over you sonny. Stop, or I get to pay my lawyer lots of my own money, probably having to mortgage my house to prevent you enjoying your cultural liberty”.
Better still, abolish copyright, but hey, small steps eh?

thanks for posting these three links Rob! it’s important to give access to various viewpoints/ sides of the argument so people might cut through the general hysteria.
– j

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