Month: June 2008

In the Anon. Meeting Of Mined

Oh fuck not semiotics.Semitotics is a “geddit???” after somebody else’s joke. If you have to explain the joke you kill it. What you kill you gain the power of.Semiotics is the cold dead hand of the bad ventriloquist. It is

If you can see this, Rob’s DNS is working!


A Day In The Studio 1 (Circles)

How To Make Money In Second Life Without Being An IP Maximalist

The Problem Let’s imagine just for a moment that the problem with Second Life (SL) isn’t that people can copy textures. Let’s imagine that the problem is that the business models are wrong, and that IP maximalism is seductive but

New Reviews At Furtherfield

I have two new Free Culture-related reviews up at Furtherfield. Abstract Hacktivism A book collecting two essays by Otto von Busch and Karl Palmas transforms the concept of “hacktivism” with well-argued historical analysis and a number of informative case studies.Big

First Impressions

“A bit protest-artological”


A readymade is an ordinary object that has been nominated as an artwork by an artist. Nominating the object as an artwork transforms it into an artwork. This is not a million miles away from The Institutional Theory Of Art,


I am now on a new weblog platform (Movable Type) on a new server. Many thanks to Matt for helping with this. And by “helping with” I mean “doing”. The Wiki is gone, and Like That isn’t back in the

A Day In The Studio 1 (Bars)

A Day In The Studio 1