Nope, I Got Nothing

I’ve had very little energy recently (no idea, possibly a virus, no not a computer virus, work with me here) and so I’m behind on just about everything I’m meant to be doing. I’ve also been reading Batman and Silver Surfer collections that the library has in. Oh and the T&H “Internet Art” book, “Laws Of Cool”, the second Alfred Jarry collection from Atlas Press, and “War In The Age Of Intelligent Machines” which I’ve wanted to re-read since borrowing Tessa Elliot’s copy about fifteen years ago. All of which has also got in the way of making stuff.

Like That is progressing slowly but surely, I’ve written some code to screenscrape art market data sites for some possible visualization work, a couple of reviews are almost ready for Furtherfield, and I got to the Open Source Embroidery show opening which was brilliant. I also had to edit my essay for the art & FOSS book, which LaTeX made nice and easy.

As soon as I have anything to show, I’ll show it.