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Big Buck Bunny Is Out!

And it’s brilliant. Seriously, these guys know more about classic humorously violent funny animal cartoons than Dreamworks animators have ever been told they can’t use by their managerial overlords.

See here for downloads: Big Buck Bunny Downloads

And buy the 2 DVD set for PAL & NTSC versions of the cartoon as well as all the “source” used to make it, the 3D models, textures, animations, etc: Big Buck Bunny DVD

But will the soundtrack be released under a Free licence this time?

2 replies on “Big Buck Bunny Is Out!”

What strikes me about the non-Disney/Dreamworks aspects is how this opens people’s minds to the diversity of art that could be produced if there wasn’t such pressure to maximise global revenue (broadcasters and disposable income), which being a single virtual audience with LCD tendencies thus pre-empts a more artist/art focussed audience and greater diversity.
For every artist and each of their works there is an audience. There is a world of audiences, not just one.

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