Month: May 2008

Big Buck Bunny Is Out!

And it’s brilliant. Seriously, these guys know more about classic humorously violent funny animal cartoons than Dreamworks animators have ever been told they can’t use by their managerial overlords. See here for downloads: Big Buck Bunny Downloads And buy the

Nope, I Got Nothing

I’ve had very little energy recently (no idea, possibly a virus, no not a computer virus, work with me here) and so I’m behind on just about everything I’m meant to be doing. I’ve also been reading Batman and Silver

Copyleft And Literary Genius

Moorcock’s Miscellany – View Single Post – BLACK PETALS I had another child to support, but by then I was selling very well andhad royalties and foreign rights coming in This enabled me to devotethe kind of time I came

Where I Will Be Tomorrow Night

Open Source Embroidery: Craft and Code HTTP GalleryUnit A2, Arena Design Centre71 Ashfield RoadLondon N4 1LD Come and see the show and meet up with lots of extremely excellent people. And me.

Robert Rauschenberg RIP

Robert Rauschenberg, RIP – Boing Boing Robert Rauschenberg, a pioneer of multimedia art in the truest sense of the phrase, died last night. He was 82. Rauschenberg’s work had a massive impact on me when I first arrived at art

Still Busy

I’m still working on various projects, notably Like That and an artworld social network data visualisation project that may be called “Information”. And I may have some good news regarding my criticism and design work as well soon. I’ll post

Exhibitions at HTTP Gallery. Open Source Embroidery: Craft and Code

Exhibitions at HTTP Gallery. Open Source Embroidery: Craft and Code This exhibition explores the connections between the collaborative characteristics of needlework, craft and Open Source software. This project has brought together embroiderers, patch-workers, knitters, artists and computer programmers, to share