Month: March 2008

Big Buck Bunny Trailer

Big Buck Bunny - Official Trailer from Andy Goralczyk on Vimeo.This is the second movie from the Blender project. The licence is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 .You can pre-order DVDs here. It will have all the video and 3D modelling source files on. And the sountrack will be BY this time as well.
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SwanQuake – the user manual

My latest review for Furtherfield is of igloo's excellent "SwanQuake the user manual".See here: are having a launch party on Friday, which sadly I can't get to but I would highly recommend if you can make it.
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“The problems with free-licensing aesthetic works”

Terry Hancock has an excellent series of articles in ``Free Software Magazine'' called ``Making the impossible happen: the rules of free culture'' that examines the production of Free Culture in great detail. Go and read them all then come back here.The third in the series concerns Creative Commons (CC) licenced art. Terry makes some good…
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What I Have Been Up To While Not Posting

Photo: Copyright Marc Hankins 2008, Licenced CC-BY-NC-SA GB 2.0Last Monday, Dave Bausola and I were interviewed by Suw Charman about "Where Are The Joneses?" as part of ORG's Creative Business In The Digital Age event. That's me on the right of the photo, holding the talking stick.It was an excellent event and I recommend you…
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Goodbye Crestfallen

Aaron A's g--- comic series Serenity Rose is very good. The new story is now starting as a webcomic and I recommend you give it a go:GOODBYE CRESTFALLEN PAGE 001 | heart shaped skullFind out about the story so far here.
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Persuasion 1

(This is the first of two articles in response to Blaise's question in the comments below. It is intended as part of a conversation.)IntroductionIn this blog post I will consider why it might be that a musician should licence their work as BY-SA rather than NC-SA, giving up royalties from public performance of their work…
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public domain textures site

public domain textures100 free, 750x750 pixel public domain textures. all images are seamless. public domain means you dont need permission to use the images.Another excellent root resource project from Mitch Featherston.
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“History is history and it is time that everyone learned to put historical events behind them” – The Art Newspaper

“History is history and it is time that everyone learned to put historical events behind them” - The Art NewspaperThe issue is clearly a complex one but Mark Stephens, who believes that the British Government and the Royal Academy and by implication myself, are acting in a “morally reprehensible” way understands neither culture nor morality.…
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From BxAL To PR(u)

Google's web search engine is an index of pages on the World Wide Web constructed and constantly reconstructed by algorithms running on thousands of computers in parallel. This "PageRank'" algorithm is a mathematical formalisation of the informal heuristic that academics use to judge the influence of a published paper. The more people cite the paper,…
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On Purpose

The finished implementation of the line drawing algorithm from Harold Cohen's essay "On Purpose" can be found here. You'll need a Lisp system such as SBCL to run it, the output images can be viewed with Gimp.I am not happy with my implementation of the algorithm. I don't think the "homing" functionality is robust or…
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