Month: January 2008

Remix Affordances

A question someone recently asked about Where Are The Joneses (WRTJ) could be rephrased as "where were the remix affordances?"WRTJ was structured as a TV-style situation comedy, albeit one running in three minute segments. The affordances for altering it were external to the episodes and came before the fact. You could create the plot, or…
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The Worst Pies In London

The broadsheets haven't been kind to Sweeney Todd. The Grauniad bemoaned Tim Burton discarding the play's critique of capitalism while The Sunday Times was upset that there weren't any proper tunes in Sondheim's score. Oh, wait, I got that the wrong way round. The Times wanted more class activism, The Graun wanted something to hum.…
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draw-something Debugging

After debugging draw-something quite majorly last year and adding the framework for its future development I thought I had captured all the embarrassing bugs (like drawing things twice...). But I'd missed a bug in my random-point-on-line code that generated points off the end of the line. So draw-something was lovingly generating most of the drawing…
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Comrades, Social Objects and Affordances

Imagine No PossessionsIn Imagine No Possessions, Christina Kiaer investigates the Russian Constructivist conception of objects as being more than commodities. "Our things in our hands must be equals, comrades," wrote Aleksandr Rodchenko in 1925. Kiaer analyzes this Constructivist counterproposal to capitalism's commodity fetish by examining objects produced by Constructivist artists between 1923 and 1925gapingvoid on…
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What Is A Constitutive Blank?

It's rare I encounter a term I can neither unpack nor Google.So does anyone know what a "constitutive blank" is? I assume it's Theory jargon borrowed from somewhere.
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Longlines – GNU Emacs Manual

Longlines - GNU Emacs ManualTo enable Long Lines mode, type M-x longlines-mode.Soft line wrapping for Emacs.Thanks to Matt Lee for telling me about this. :-)
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Free And Open Brands

(I found this in my drafts. I've no idea what I was talking about. ;-) )Dell's IdeastormProcter & Gamble's Connect + DevelopBrands need to become more like distros. The physical production of brands is valuable and will not be devalued by participatory and collaborative creation of potentialities for brands to en-afford.
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Grammatical Fallacies Exposed

I had the misfortune to find a book called "Economic fallacies Exposed" in Oxfam today. It's a collection of Market-Hegelian screeds that perform the same cheap trick each time for a presumably captive audience:Firstly an ethical, cultural, environmental (etc.) statement is translated into a fallacious economic statement.Secondly, that fallacious economic statement is shown to be…
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A Brief High Cultural Socio-Aesthetic Interlude Pace Adorno

My youngest child bought me a toy Laser Screwdriver for my birthday. Mwahahahaha! Zap!
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Help ORG Reform Copyright In The UK!

Would personal copying of media you own, copying work for study, library copying, or legal protection for parody and pastiche help you? Or do you know of any examples of social or economic "harm" that such rights would prevent? If so please comment on ORG's reprint of this givernment review:consultation test » Blog Archive »…
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