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FDL / BY-SA Compatibility and Wikipedia

Some good news on the BY-SA/FDL compatibility and Wikipedia relicencing fronts:

Resolution:License update – Wikimedia Foundation

Progress on license interoperability with Wikipedia

Some important news from Wikipedia to understand clearly

And the Slashdot discussion about this is a good mixture of FUD and answers as usual

The FSF moving towards BY-SA/SFDL compatibility and Wikipedia moving towards relicencing are all very good news.

An unexpected effect of all this seems to be renewed calls for BY-SA to have “stronger” copyleft, which would be a good thing if possible. It’s time to put aside legalistic objections (which have never been raised against NC’s conception of use) and community objections (which amount to a defence of breaking the social contract of copyleft) and try to move to stronger copyleft for BY-SA.