Month: December 2007

Minara CL Conversion Complete

Minara's codebase is now converted to Common Lisp and I have added the functions and constants to cl-opengl that are needed for polygon rendering.Now for debugging...
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The Year In Albums 2007

In no particular order:Strange House - the HorrorsExcellent hammond-organ-and-grinding-guitar driven gothic pastiche of garage rock that starts with a cover of "Jack The Ripper" just to let you know that they know that you know. A vibrant, literate and surprisingly affecting wild ride of an album that, like all the best Goth, lets you in…
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Like That And Metaprogramming

Like That is a series of moving images made using Processing. It's intended as a long series of works. So far I've been writing each one by hand, which has hampered my rate of progress.Inspired by Lisp metaprogramming techniques I've realized that the best way of making Like That will be to generate the code…
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Weareâ„¢Collaborative textile fashion design under a BY licence.Very cool.(Via zeroinfluencer)
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Sharing Creative Works

Sharing Creative Works - CC WikiSharing Creative Works is a new comic about Creative Commons. It aims to explain the basics of CC licensing as simply as possible to a general audience, including children. To make remixes and translations as easy as possible, the artwork is in SVG format and the script is plain text.…
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"Different sexps, same project."Orlando is the codename for a port of Minara to Common Lisp. Minara was originally written in Scheme with some C code for rendering. A port to Common Lisp has the following benefits:Better development and debugging support.A richer programming language with more expressive potential.Stronger object system.A language that I (the developer) am…
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Practical Common Lisp

Practical Common LispRead the book online or buy a print copy. This is the current standard introductory text for Common Lisp. Read it and be ready to hack on the new version of Minara due next year...
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Setting Up A Development Environment For Common Lisp Minara

Install sbclsudo apt-get install sbclInstall flexichain using asdf-installsudo sbcl(require :asdf)(require :asdf-install)(asdf-install:install :flexichain)(quit)Install cl-opengl from its darcs repositorycd ~/.sbclmkdir sitecd sitedarcs get get ..mkdir systemscd systemsln -s ../site/cl-opengl/*asd .ln -s ../site/cffi/*asd .Test loading the librariessbcl(require 'asdf)(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'flexichain)(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'cl-opengl)
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Two Common Errors

A society where I am free to own you as a slave is not more free than a society that does not allow me to own you as a slave.Owning slaves is a restriction on the freedom of others (the slaves). It reduces the sum total of human freedom in society. Yet how can this…
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As well as interviewing me for the FSF magazine, Matt Lee has been helping me move to a new, GNU, laptop. So I'm typing this in Ubuntu on a Lenovo Core Duo. Matt gloats blogs about this here, and I explain more in the comments.But basically GNU just works for me for my art, design…
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