Month: December 2007

Minara CL Conversion Complete

Minara’s codebase is now converted to Common Lisp and I have added the functions and constants to cl-opengl that are needed for polygon rendering. Now for debugging…

The Year In Albums 2007

In no particular order: Strange House – the Horrors Excellent hammond-organ-and-grinding-guitar driven gothic pastiche of garage rock that starts with a cover of “Jack The Ripper” just to let you know that they know that you know. A vibrant, literate

Like That And Metaprogramming

Like That is a series of moving images made using Processing. It’s intended as a long series of works. So far I’ve been writing each one by hand, which has hampered my rate of progress. Inspired by Lisp metaprogramming techniques


Weareâ„¢Collaborative textile fashion design under a BY licence.Very cool.(Via zeroinfluencer)

Sharing Creative Works

Sharing Creative Works – CC WikiSharing Creative Works is a new comic about Creative Commons. It aims to explain the basics of CC licensing as simply as possible to a general audience, including children. To make remixes and translations as


“Different sexps, same project.” Orlando is the codename for a port of Minara to Common Lisp. Minara was originally written in Scheme with some C code for rendering. A port to Common Lisp has the following benefits: Better development and

Practical Common Lisp

Practical Common LispRead the book online or buy a print copy. This is the current standard introductory text for Common Lisp. Read it and be ready to hack on the new version of Minara due next year…

Setting Up A Development Environment For Common Lisp Minara

Install sbcl sudo apt-get install sbcl Install flexichain using asdf-install sudo sbcl (require :asdf)(require :asdf-install)(asdf-install:install :flexichain)(quit) Install cl-opengl from its darcs repository cd ~/.sbclmkdir sitecd sitedarcs get get ..mkdir systemscd systemsln -s ../site/cl-opengl/*asd .ln -s ../site/cffi/*asd . Test

Two Common Errors

A society where I am free to own you as a slave is not more free than a society that does not allow me to own you as a slave. Owning slaves is a restriction on the freedom of others


As well as interviewing me for the FSF magazine, Matt Lee has been helping me move to a new, GNU, laptop. So I’m typing this in Ubuntu on a Lenovo Core Duo. Matt gloats blogs about this here, and I