Month: November 2007

In Rainbows III

Apparently the download and payment figures I (and everyone else) have been commenting on were pulled out of the air by the people who published them. So we don’t know exactly how well the downloads of “In Rainbows” did. But

Mantaray II

If I wanted to make this blog linkbait I would just post snarky comments about Goth icons’ latest offerings and watch the Adwords revenue come pouring in. But I don’t. So when people get the wrong end of a slightly

No More Links Here

They get in the way of the articles.

Support BY-SA/SFDL Compatibility, Not BY-SA/FDL Compatibility

With the Affero GPL released, the Free Software Foundation can now press on with revising the Free Documentation Licence (FDL). Alongside the FDL the FSF have also proposed a Simpler Free Documentation Licence (SFDL). This is a great improvement on

links for 2007-11-21

Ghost of a flea: Wolf Cave “It appears the birthplace of Rome’s founders, Romulus and Remus, has been unearthed. “ (tags: rome wolves cave)

Participatory Fannishness

This Blog Sits at the: Fan fathomingAlexander noted in passing that one of the ways Heroes builds the narrative is through a process of rapid prototyping. This lets the writing team bring themes forward quickly and examine their options. And

links for 2007-11-18

Infringement Nation: we are all mega-crooks – Boing Boing “There is nothing particularly extraordinary about John's activities. Yet if copyright holders were inclined to enforce their rights to the maximum extent allowed by law, he would be indisputably liable for

links for 2007-11-16 | Post-Autistic Economics “How refreshing to discover an online economics journal that tries to re-integrate economics with the real world. “ (tags: economics journal progressive) NEWSgrist – where spin is art: Blessed or Blasted? Excellent NewsGrist post that starts

links for 2007-11-15

Kremlin uses software piracy laws to shut down dissident media outlets – Boing Boing “The difference is that this time, the anti-piracy laws were enacted at the behest of the US trade representative, […] Imagine that: Russia reinstates state control

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

The album “Floodland” by The Sisters Of Mercy was released on the 17th of November 1987. It’s an absolute classic and one of the two major initial drivers of my worldview (the other being Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius stories). If