Samsung YP-C1.

Closed firmware but good Ogg support.

5 thoughts to “My Ogg Player

  • Matt Lee

    What would be a good one to buy with a free firmware, or one that could be flashed/Rockboxed?
    Also, why do you hate freedom? 😉

  • MJ Ray

    Can you flash-upgrade its firmware from Linux? I never succeeded in accessing anything besides basic file upload/removal on my YP-U2 and Samsung Support broke promises they made to me.
    After destroying it on the way back from Debconf, I replaced it with a random-brand S1MP3 player.

  • Rob Myers

    Matt – See MJ Ray’s comment for a good flashable player. And I don’t hate freedom. It’s very difficult finding and buying a good hardware player that is Free or Freeable, this one was an impulse purchase in a sale. I saw the word “Ogg” on the box and didn’t think about the firmware. Didn’t RMS insist that Vorbis be BSD anyway?
    MJR – Errr I don’t know. I doubt it. The current firmware is fine apart from the ocasional jam. It just mounts as a USB disk and I drag albums on. I’m very happy with it as a player but a bit embarrassed about the closed firmware. This is a learning experience for me.
    I didn’t know about the S1MP3 player so thank you for that link.
    I wish the FSF or someone would get a Really Really Free Ogg Player shop together. Searching across different information and sales sites has a steep learning curve compared to the Play Ogg site’s links to software players.

  • dave crossland

    David Harding recommends http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SanDisk_Sansa#e200_series and I have a 4G iPod 20Gb with Rockbox.

  • Rob Myers

    Yes I liked the look of the Sansas but I need to save up a bit first for one of those. I upgraded to a 1GB Samsung before christmas in a sale at PC world. Later I found it cheaper online. ;-/

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