Tuning Up The Drawing Algorithm


The turn amounts are now randomized and the tolerance for deviation from the path is lower.

Back On Debian


I’ve switched back to Debian.

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Thought For The Day

As well as being Free, Loca Records are producers of particularly wonderful music.

I wish they would hurry up and release their next album: “Pirate This Music!”.

I have money. I have brown paper bags. Non-sequential notes could be arranged.

Click here: Loca Records

Buy some of their other records while you’re waiting. “Affectivity” by Meme is transcendently wonderful.

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Indexical Environment

In 1994 I was living in a student house with a psychopath. One of the other people resisting this suggested we go and see “The Lion King” at the cinema and I said yes.

My favourite song from a cartoon that John Kricfalusi will never convince me is not excellent was “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. The core of this song is, y’know, mush, however well Elton and Sir Tim may have constructed it. But oh, the intro and outro. The comic relief, Timon and Pumba, can see precisely what the lead characters falling in love means. And they frame the song with this in a way that…

This is not irony and it does not ironize the song. But, my God (and here I would refer you to Lestat’s apology for using the phrase), it gives the most jaded cynic no excuse. Timon:

“I can see what’s happening, they don’t have a clue, he’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line: our trio’s down to two.
The sweet caress of twilight, there’s magic everywhere, and with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster’s in the air.”

The problem with ideologies of resistance to “the culture industry” is that sometimes surplus value bites both it and you in the ass.

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defconstant, defparameter

defparamterer seems to be better than defconstant for lists in Common Lisp. defconstant causes an error on recompiling, defparameter redefines the value properly.

I wish I knew why this is. 🙂

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