Bender’s Big Score

As a consumer in that irrelevant secondary market known only as “the rest of the world” who specifically bought all the Futurama DVDs in order to communicate to the market that I would like more Futurama cartoons, can I ask what the best places to search for torrents of “Bender’s Big Score” will be when it is released in the US? I only ask because someone seems to have forgotten to arrange for releases anywhere else, and I wouldn’t want to trouble them with silly little things like rewarding them monetarily for their effort.

I saw a market stall selling “Ratatouille” DVDs here the other day. My disapproval was limited to not buying one. Pixar are going to be sending us their scratched old US reels some time in the autumn, so I suppose we should be grateful. I do so enjoy being the subject of such contempt from companies I so want to support. Not.

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Have you seen the Ratatouille anti-pirate adverts? Funny, as Ratatouille is about the only recent film of which I’ve seen an illegal copy on sale. It’s almost like someone’s seen the anti-pirate ad and thought “what? blurry and distorted? I can do better than that!” and made a few discs.

I slave half my life away living in horrible lavish luxury and posh to produce quality entertainment just so some jerkwad in a third world country with 3rd grade grammar and knowledge of world media market trends can make a bootleg and profit from my work? That’s it, wait until David X Cohen gets here.. No more futurama for you!

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