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You have no idea what your talking about!
There is no airbrush tool used in this book .
I picked it up at con, There is so much little detail in the buckles and pistols not to mention the ships.
It looks like he used a wide variety of brushes.
There is no gradients going on how can you say its airbrush.
Besides for you to call an established artist like steven daily a remedial photo shop artist maybe you should check out his site.
And furthermore by the looks of your underdeveloped figure drawings.
you shouldn’t be judging a crayon drawing by my 5 year old sister!

Ah, you’re commenting on the post above.
I stand by what I wrote. The art is soggy and more importantly not by ROMAN DIRGE. Steven Daily seems to have the West Coast Gothic thing down pat on his site but the picture of Peter on the front page does show the problems that I mentioned. Look at Peter’s tentacles. Is that movement, texture, soft focus, or expressive sketchiness? Or what?
If it was his own book I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I’d just ignore it. But it has been heavily promoted, and the promos have all focussed on the cover. By ROMAN DIRGE.
As for my figure drawing I’m not charging you to look at it, the name on the site is my own, and the skill in drawing is knowing what to leave out. 😉

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