Month: August 2007

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Broadcasting – News – Baby Cow’s Normal discusses new project – Digital Spy “So explain in your own words how WhereAreTheJoneses’ works?” via zeroinfluencer (tags: where-are-the-joneses) Anti-open-science hypocrites infringe copyright – Boing Boing “Prism — an astroturf organization established by

Bender’s Big Score

As a consumer in that irrelevant secondary market known only as “the rest of the world” who specifically bought all the Futurama DVDs in order to communicate to the market that I would like more Futurama cartoons, can I ask

links for 2007-08-27

The Entertainment Economy « On Philosophy “I call this the entertainment economy.” or the attention economy. An interesting philosophical thought experiment about a post-scarcity world. (tags: attention-economy thought-experiment philosophy blog-entry reprap) Fisking Fisk « 26h A masterful deconstruction of Fisk’s

links for 2007-08-25

Digital Productions: The Patron’s Jukebox Some excellent music economics futurology from Crosbie. (tags: music futurology notes-towards-free-culture free-cultur) Digital Productions: Raining on CC & Buma/Stemra’s parade A skeleton at the music collecting society feast. (I personally believe that voluntary reform can

Source Code, Cultural Sources And Privacy

The GPL has a patent-style requirement of disclosure for the source code of binary executables that are publicly distributed. If software was only written in interpreted languages, if tools existed to manipulate binary executables with the same semantic detail that

Cultural Sources

On my art foundation course at Kingston Polytechnic [1] I was set the task of making a painting by combining two other paintings. A mash-up, in other words. The two images I chose were a Jackson Pollock drip painting and

robmyers – Open Source Art Again

robmyers – Open Source Art Again This article that I wrote last year about how “Open Source”, Free Software and Free Culture relate to art has been getting some attention again recently. If you haven’t read it I do recommend

links for 2007-08-24

BLOGDIAL An intelligent and progressive anti-war and pro-civil-liberties blog. (tags: blog anti-war civil-liberties) Dutch Collecting Societies Welcome CC – Creative Commons “This project enables members of Buma/Stemra to use the 3 non-commercial CC licenses for non-commercial distribution of their works.

Like That: Arrow Sketches

Back to “Like That” after the CC Ironies.

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Logic+Emotion: The Marketing Spiral “From interaction, to engagement, to participation, to conversation to affinity to community? What would that look like?” (tags: social marketing) net art at furtherfield, web art, political art, poetry, critical text & creative freedom The new