Month: July 2007

Copyleft And Marxism

I am a militant liberal, possibly a socialist libertarian. My political motto is “beware teleology”, so I regard pluralism as the least worst option for society given what happens when societies fall under ideological closures. Including Neoliberalism. Pluralism has come


My Sunshot t-shirt has arrived. Take that, causality! Technorati Tags: 1990s, music, t-shirt, sunshot

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Where Are The Joneses? | The Guide | Guardian Unlimited “Better than any current TV sit-com.” (tags: where-are-the-joneses review) De la telecomedia a la webcomedia | “‘¿Dónde están los hermanos Jones?’ “ (tags: where-are-the-joneses)

links for 2007-07-27 – Getting Design Done “Here’s how to apply the principles of a well-known productivity system to your creative process.” (tags: gtd creativity) Vox Pop: Implementing GTD for Creative Work? | 43 Folders “How are you using GTD for creative

Today the BBC made it official — they have been corrupted by Microsoft.

Today the BBC made it official — they have been corrupted by Microsoft.With today’s launch of the iPlayer, the BBC Trust has failed in its most basic of duties and handed over to Microsoft sole control of the on-line distribution

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Announcing ccLearn – the education division of Creative Commons – Creative Commons “Creative Commons is pleased to announce the launch of a new division focused on education: ccLearn.” (tags: creative-commons education) Boing Boing: Musurgia Universalis: 17th-c text on music, math,

links for 2007-07-25 Taru’s (bassist from Sunshot) band. (tags: sunshot taru band music)

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The Open Rights Group : Blog Archive » UK Government says no to term extension “Today the Department of Culture, Media and Sport have responded to the Culture Committee, and the good news is they've rejected the recommendation to extend

Ironised CC Licenses (BY-NC-SA and NC)

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Sunshot Live On YouTube

Whisky Dave has posted some classic Sunshot gig footage on Youtube. There’s clips from two shows: Middlesex University Sunshot at Middlesex University part 1 of 4Sunshot at Middlesex University part 2 of 4Sunshot at Middlesex University part 3 of 4Sunshot