Month: June 2007

I’ve Created A Monster, And Nobody… “E” by Meme, on Loca Records, is one of my favourite songs of all time. This is an interesting context for it. I’ve only myself to blame. 😉 Technorati Tags: aesthetics, free culture, music, where are the joneses

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Seth’s Blog: Rochambeau the front line “Beat the cashier in a game of rock paper scissors and save a buck.” (tags: marketing) | Economics of Information III: Consumption “charging for information leads to the grossest sort of inefficiency” (tags:

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Chad Oppenhiem on User Generated Architecture – PSFK Trends & Ideas – Architecture, Architecture is generally free, but in Belgium architects do sue for plagiarism. And participatory architecture could be very cool. (tags: architecture free-culture)

GPS Locations Of..

some dog shitN 52°35.130′W 00°14.581′ a broken television setN 52°35.142′W 00°14.577 a large Subway drinks cupN 52°35.138′W 00°14.580′ a beer bottle stood uprightN 52°35.143′W 00°14.566′ two cigarette buttsN 52°35.095′W 00°14.599′ a cigarette packerN 52°35.108′W 00°14.592′ some vomitN 52°35.140′W 00°14.568′ Technorati

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Aspen no. 8, item 3: Hot/Cold Book “Hot/Cold – TERRY ATKINSON MICHAEL BALDWIN “ (tags: art&language hot cold) Electronic Crafts: Open-Sourcing the Green Electronics Revolution (TreeHugger) “the entire making process of the lights is open source and shared publicly online”

if and iff

Logical if (→) and iff (↔) are doing my head in. → is if, the “conditional connective”. A → B means that A can be true only if B is true. So → is false when A is true despite

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Thinking About Art: A quote… Having other people make your art is like… (tags: art-theory humour) Where are the Joneses? – Creative Commons CC on the Joneses, complete with link back to my blog post. Thanks guys. (tags: aw-shucks creative-commons

I Won A Book!

I won a book from an a-n magazine competition! “The Nature Of The Beast” by Richard Hylton, published by ICIA 2007.ISBN 0861971361 Thank you a-n!

Fixing The LeWitt 4×4 Set Comprehension

I got the LeWitt set comprehensions wrong. I’ve fixed the others (I edited this blog without declaring it, I feel unclean…) but the 4 line, 4 colour one was a bit harder. Here’s a sketch for the fixed version.C =

Is That It?

Free Culture is just freedom of speech. Is that it? As Lessig so eloquently explains in “Free Culture”, we have been facing a perfect storm of factors that act to limit, among other things, free speech. Since “Free Culture” was