David Platt

Also at KIAD was David Platt:


David’s an astonishingly good painter and philosopher.

His heptalectical logic is a “supplementary world view”, very ‘pataphysical:

Heptalectical Logic

And he was the first person I met who was big on Adorno:


Take a look.

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2 comments on “David Platt
  1. Another KIAD brilliant & yet another reason to set up the social network http://www.peteisauselessadulteratingcvnt.org. Maybe suitable for a facebook group? I believe many would join. W-Smith as chair person? Discuss.

  2. Just to clarify: http://www.peteisauselessadulteratingcvnt.org. refers to [DELETED]. A useless adulterating [DELETED], who resembled … well you get the idea.
    [Deletions by site owner who doesn’t want to be sued for libel in England.]