A Note On The Licence

This weblog has a BY-SA 3.0 licence at the bottom.

Anything I write and any of my images that I can BY-SA are covered by this licence.

Any third party quotes and third party images are not.

This is the same as an all rights reserved weblog, where any quotes or review images retain their original copyright.

Any code snippets are not BY-SA either. Friends don’t make friends CC-licence code.

One reply on “A Note On The Licence”

Are there any ‘third party’ works you are publishing on this blog (not quotes or snippets that would come under fair use/dealing) that you do not have a CC-SA license to, i.e. that have another sufficiently permissive license or that you have had to obtain a specific license or request permission for?
Incidentally, there is no such thing as an ‘all rights reserved’ weblog, well not in the sense that the phrase has any legal meaning (except perhaps in Argentina and any other country that has a poor grasp of the difference between ‘right’ and ‘privilege’). Lessig perpetuates this myth of copyright being an authorial right in coining the term ‘Some rights reserved’.
How about this at the foot of your blog?
All my rights reserved. All your rights restored.

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