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Nothing But Champagne Now I’m The Boss

“Man is born in freedom but he soon becomes a slaveIn cages of convention from the cradle to the graveThe weak fall by the wayside but the strong will be savedIn a brave new world.”- The Artilleryman, “Jeff Waynes Musical Version Of War Of the Worlds”.There’s something wonderful about summing up everything that went wrong with the 20th century because of 19th century ideology in less than one verse. The Artilleryman’s description of his plan to the Journalist is wonderful because it makes clear the seductive logic of historicism in a way that invokes both communism and fascism equally.The title of this post is something else the Artilleryman says. It’s funnier if you say it while opening a bottle of the cheapest cava.

One reply on “Nothing But Champagne Now I’m The Boss”

I’ve listened to that album so many times that “Nothing But Champagne Now I'm The Boss” instantly took upon the Artilleryman’s voice as I immediately recognised it.
I may not sympathise with the Artilleryman’s social engineering plans or principles, but I identify with his civil engineering predicament:
“In the cellar there was a tunnel scarcely ten yards long. It had taken him a week to dig. I could have dug that much in a day, and I suddenly had my first inkling of the gulf between his dreams and his power.”
Sometimes it can be deceptive how much effort it takes to push the burgeoning snowball toward a sufficiently steep decline that gravity takes over… and you wonder if actually you’re digging a tunnel, your own catacomb. 😉

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