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Fifty Years Of Hammer Horror

“The Curse Of Frankenstein”, the first Hammer Horror film, was released on the second of May 1957. So it’s now fifty years old.Christopher Lee played the monster in that film and he’s still going strong, appearing recently in the Lord Of The Rings movies and the Star Wars prequels.For those of you reading this blog for the Free Culture side of things, the monsters in the Hammer films were public domain by the time Hammer were filming them, but Hammer signed a fifty-page licensing agreement with Universal Studios to make sure they could distribute the films in the US. Now that is scary. 😉

One reply on “Fifty Years Of Hammer Horror”

Copyright is our contemporary Frankenstein’s monster. A golem out of control, created and sustained by a corrupt cartel of vampires feeding upon the lifeblood of artists that they seduce with offers of salvation.
Whilst we may wish copyright had never been created, along with many others who live to see such times, it is not for us to choose.
What we must choose is what to do with the time we have available to us. And that is to fight such evil with knowledge, courage, and cunning.
(Paraphrasing TLOTR)

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