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Free Media vs Free Beer ” EngageMedia"Media companies are currently falling over themselves to produce the new hive for user generated content. [...] But free beer, as Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has always emphasised, is not the same as freedom."(tags: free-culture enclosure sharecropping critique ugc)Apple's Lesson for Sony's Stores: Just Connect - New…
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If we assume that artworks are artefacts designed to stimulate aesthetic responses they are effectively artificial stimulation devices for eyes. They are ocular dildos; eyedongs designed to bring about Duchamp's retinal shudder, the tingle that Goodman disparaged.Technorati Tags: aesthetics, art, satire
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Aesthetic Aura Investigation One

Hypothesis: The aesthetic aura of art as identified by Walter Benjamin will result in anomalous electromagnetic field readings around artworks. This will vary according to the aesthetic quality of the artwork. We base this claim on results from paranormal research. Ghosts, like aesthetic value, are intangible, yet they manifest anomalous electromagnetic field readings during hauntings.Subject:…
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More Like That "Like That". These ones extend the logic of the two dimensional pieces into three dimensions.The next pieces will have different motion logic and start introducing symbols.Technorati Tags: art, art computing, generative art, graphics, hacking, processing
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Abstract graphics looping on a computer screen will be seen as screensavers. Even relatively sophisticated digital artworks will be seen unproblematically as screensavers if you make them into an Xscreensaver module. Being seen as a screensaver is problematic if what is being seen as one does not wish to engage with what that means.Screensavers are…
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David Platt

Also at KIAD was David Platt:'s an astonishingly good painter and philosopher.His heptalectical logic is a "supplementary world view", very 'pataphysical:Heptalectical LogicAnd he was the first person I met who was big on Adorno:DialecticTake a look.Technorati Tags: 'pataphysics, aesthetics, art, philosophy
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Free Culture And Free Software

Free Software as described by Stallman comes from the fact that software is functional, it is basically a machine. A novel, a play, a painting or a concerto are not functional, they are not machines. So we cannot use the same arguments that Stallman advances for software, and the freedoms are not necessarily the same.…
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The Aura Of The Aura

Finding The AuraI have an electromagnetic field meter and there's a show of abstract art on in town. I'm going looking for the aura of art.The thinking behind this is simple. Ghosts cannot be recorded by conventional means but paranormal researchers report that hauntings are often accompanied by anomalous electromagnetic field fluctuations. Like ghosts, the…
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Intrallect: Common Information Environment - Creative Commons"a study into how Creative Commons licences, or their equivalent, might be deployed at project,service or institutional level by organisations within the Common Information Environment. This study is being funded by Becta, the British Library, DfES, JISC(tags: creative-commons local-government government study)
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Copyright Rose Selavy

Have a look at the base of this Marcel Duchamp readymade from 1920.I think that the assertion of copyright is being used here to help assert the reality of an imaginary personality, an imaginary author (Duchamp's alter ego Rose Selavy).Technorati Tags: aesthetics, free culture
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