Free Culture

Open Literature

Two “Open” literary projects.

NewsGrist on an author opening up some of his stories for playwrights:

Jonathan Lethem Goes Open Source

It’s an excellent move. Why he isn’t using a CC licence is beyond me, though.

And Penguin Books are experimenting with writing a book through a wiki:

A Million Penguins 

Ghost authorship, multiple authorship and finishing services for books are common, and movie & TV scripts are written by teams, so with a good model to follow there is no reason why novels shouldn’t be written by a competent team.

Wikipedia would be a terrible model for writing a book, a giant uncoordinated game of Exquisite Corpse.

The Linux Kernel would be an excellent model for writing a book. Competent contributors working to an understood design with their contributions being audited and accepted or rejected by competent integrators.