Month: February 2007

links for 2007-02-27

Talent imitates, genius steals: Pseudo-Modern Communications “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” (tags: postmodern) Boing Boing: Prankster tricks Swiss newspaper into running fake Gucci ad “This guy

links for 2007-02-23

LIFE BY DESIGN: Stop Thief! Damien Hirst v. Lori Precious “We love a good controversy around here and there is a rip-snorter going on in LA tonight. Damien Hirst is showing his latest incarnation of butterflies on canvas at Gagosian,

links for 2007-02-20

cartographic flow map layout – data visualization & visual design – information aesthetics “a method for generating flow maps using hierarchical clustering given a set of nodes, positions, & flow data between the nodes. flow maps aim show the movement

Why The New Colouring Algorithm Works

AARON’s new colouring algorithm works very well, as Harold Cohen said when he described it. What he didn’t go into was why. I think the algorithm works well because it is a good model of the cognition of our perception,

Think Of The Children

This just in: Microsoft have announced that they will be producing a version of Vista for XO, the One Laptop Per Child Project laptop. Each system will be tied to the Windows Genuine Advantage program through a Trusted Computing module

links for 2007-02-19

Unplanned ‘offspring’ at Olympic Sculpture Park get SAM’s blessing “Guerrilla artists recently hatched “Eaglets” in a nest of twigs and broken eggshells next to Alexander Calder’s “Eagle” at the Olympic Sculpture Park.” (tags: public-art intervention free-culture sculpture) Corporate Internet Branding

Colour Cells

Randomly coloured grids from colour-cells, my standalone re-implementation of AARON’s new colouring algorithm as described by Harold Cohen. Here’s an example of the debugging output of a run: CL-USER> (colour-cells:run)Starting (7 ‘MH 8 ‘HH)Colour Scheme:hues:LEAF 0.17177725 VEIN 0.43423924 BLADE

links for 2007-02-17

Plundering UGC Cash, Who's In? at iain tait | “Anyone fancy forming a loose ‘A-Team' (or a rubbishy B-Team) of creative types with a single-minded ambition of seeing just how much we can extract from UGC campaigns?” (tags: ugc

links for 2007-02-14

NEWSgrist – where spin is art: Can Photographers be Whiny Assholes? “Artists’ photos of bridges, eh? this is a perfect example of what copyright is and isn’t for; it also illustrates “author anxiety,” not to mention author-arrogance: copyright doesn’t protect

links for 2007-02-13

| A shared space for personal reflections on media art practice: making it, curating it, translating it. An excellent new media art weblog. (tags: new-media digital-art weblog) PSFK: MTV Frees Their Video Content “We need to open up our Web