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The Free Culture Foundation

The Free Culture Foundation was launched today to promote and protect cultural freedoms. The Foundation provides an accessible, independent introduction to the free culture movement, now a global phenomenon thanks to the Creative Commons licenses, organisations like Open Business and artists like the Beastie Boys.

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(Disclaimer: I suggested the FCF idea to Matt and did some of the graphics and copy editing.)

One reply on “The Free Culture Foundation”

I think you could have done a little better than simply to have reflected the FSF.
Although the free in ‘free culture’ concerns society’s liberty to enjoy and build upon its own culture, that freedom is better defined by rights rather than aspirations.
Freedom is the natural default. What shapes our freedoms are the boundaries we erect to mark where one person’s freedom ends and another’s freedom begins – rights.
For example, you may wish to take the liberty of learning from someone’s unpublished raw materials, but you do not have a right to invade someone’s privacy in order to seize them.
Culture is not defined by stipulating a few liberties, but by minimising the number of contraints upon all liberty. Those constraints are individuals’ rights to life, privacy, and truth.
The four freedoms of the FSF arise primarily out of nullifying the copyright based business model. There is no human right to inspect the source code of published software – this obligation is only necessary and achievable in the presence of copyright.
Is the FCF going to become copyright focussed too? The FSF is focussed on nullifying copyright for software. The CC is focussed on facilitating the use of copyright by the self-publisher (despite copyright being largely impotent in the hands of most self-publishers).
How about being founded upon something independent of copyright for once?

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