Month: December 2006

First Wiimote Drawing

(Wiimote, WMD with PPC64 patches and patched Python, Inkscape.)

links for 2006-12-26

Vista “Security” cost-benefit analysis “The Vista Content Protection specification could very well constitute thelongest suicide note in history.” (tags: free-culture ip-maximalism)

Christmas & New Year

I am going to be largely offline over christmas and new year. I have a Wiimote to play with from GNU/Linux and will be soldering up a sensor bar for it. I’ve also got some colour sensors when my soldering

links for 2006-12-21

Boing Boing: Sloan Fndtn. funds “open” alternative to Google Book Search “The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is funding the Internet Archive to scan rare, unusual and culturally significant books and artworks at a bunch of major institutions, including the Boston

links for 2006-12-20

Boing Boing: Record industry DRM from 1907 “BoingBoing reader Cameron snapped this photograph of a Edison Laboratory phonograph cylinder container from 1907, covered with anti-copying, anti-piracy fine print: “UPON ANY BREACH OF SAID CONDITION, THE LICENSE TO USE AND VEND

links for 2006-12-16

BadVista Blog ” BadVista “The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today launched, a campaign with a twofold mission of exposing the harms inflicted on computer users by the new Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free software alternatives that respect users’

links for 2006-12-15

LiquidIce’s Nintendo Wii Hacks Hacking the wiimote and tghe wii. Links to examples and code. (tags: hardware hacking wii) MP3 music download website, eMusic DRM-free MP3s of millions of independent music tracks. Including ones you actually want. (tags: anti-DRM music


I’m on myspace. If you are astonishingly cool I’ll add you as a friend. Failing that, if you’ve always wondered what I look like I have photos: To answer your question, this is in a separate compartment to anything

Free Duke

Sun have made Duke “Free graphics”. His graphics are BSD licensed (not BY…), and some are Illustrator postcript files which are a bit difficult to load. So here they are converted to SVG: Duke SVGs One has some bad artefacts

Promises To Keep

I read “Promises To Keep”. It’s a fact-tastic read, crammed with data and diagrams, and a very well argued thesis, with the two places where the argument doesn’t follow from the examples sticking out like sore thumbs (these are minor