Month: November 2006

draw-something: new colour stabilizing


A good article containing some of the points from the cc-licenses discussion about DRM:

draw-something: Debugging New Colour Algorithm

Debugging images from draw-something modified to use AARON’s new colour algorithm. Like I say, they’re debugging images. The colour is using a single choice probability and hasn’t been tested properly yet. I also need to distribute the forms better but

links for 2006-11-18

Boing Boing: Zadie Smith on the practice of reading “So the greatest principle is, “I should sit here and I should be entertained.” And the more classical model, which has been completely taken away, is the idea of a reader

links for 2006-11-17

EFF: DeepLinks – Sample Trolls Killing Hip Hop? “Apparently, having absconded with George Clinton’s copyrights, Bridgeport is now shaking down artists like Jay-Z. Of course, lawsuits like this also make it harder for lesser-known sample-based artists to get distribution, radio

NC, Use and Distribution

The GPL concerns Use of software but is triggered by Distribution. Use is not the same as Distribution. In particular Distribution is not a form of Use. It is common to confuse the two, but this is a mistake similar

NC Is Not Magnatune’s Secret Sauce

The NC business model that Magnatune use has clearly inspired Creative Commons. Magnatune’s success makes them a very positive model for a record label, but not in the way that might be expected from their use of NC. The problem

Last Night’s Talk By Harold Cohen

Harold gave an excellent presentation of how and why AARON’s new colouring system works. I’ve just about hacked up an implementation of the system for draw-something from my notes in a couple of hours, so you can tell that Harold

Release The Music » Sign our petition

Release The Music » Sign our petition We believe that any extension to the term of copyright protection for sound recordings would be highly damaging to artists and the public good. We hereby request that you publicly reject all demands

links for 2006-11-14

Eyebeam reBlog: RGB LED kits (and documentation) “The RGBLED and mRGBLED controllers allow you to control the color of RGBLEDs. This might sound trivial, but it actually takes a lot of resources to let you be able to set an