I Recall A Time But It’s Long Gone

First and Last and Always, Floodland and Vision Thing by The Sisters of Mercy have been reissued on Rhino Records. The albums all have additional tracks (b-sides, cover versions, and demos), new liner notes, and new typos on the covers. You can, and should, buy them from any online record store.
The stand out addition is the full version of “Never Land” on Floodland, a track that lead singer Andrew Eldritch has always denied the existence of. Their cover version of Hot Chocolate’s “Emma” and the First & Last era B-Sides are welcome additions as well.
This is music as it should be. Wildly, vividly, stupidly brilliant. Ironic and cynical yet heartfelt and entertaining. Timeless yet possible at no other time. It has, it must be said, a good beat to it. Even Vision Thing sounds better second Bush round.
If any record companies have been considering paying Eldritch the large sums in unmarked notes he’s demanding for another album, now would be a good time.

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