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Random Scribbles

I’m working on a vector graphics equivalent to Latham & Todd’s mutator. The first (trivial) stage is to create random vector scribbles.


These can then be evolved into something better over successive generations of mutation and visual evaluation. At the moment the scribbles are just lists of drawing instructions, but transformation and iteration functions will make the images more structured.

3 replies on “Random Scribbles”

I can sell you a print of one to view at your leisure, sir. 😉
The image is generated off-screen. The interesting thing in the code is that there are examples of paths begun and ended without ever drawing. These are seed points for future evolution, and they effect the composition by expanding the bounding box of the work to include empty space.

In that case I’ll take 3 undrawn images in Small, Medium, Large and Gigantic. Or would you be interested in selling those magic seeds in exchange for a cow?

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