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links for 2006-09-29

Nailing Down Bits: Digital Art and Intellectual Property - PDF"This paper on digital art and intellectual property has been commissioned and published by Canadian Heritage Information Network CHIN),"(tags: digital-art white-paper free-culture)A critique of iCommons iSummit 2006.(tags: creative-commons icommons critique)
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Fisking Lessig’s New Permission Culture

Former self-appointed "leader of the Free Culture Movement" Lawrence Lessig writes:One of the most important conclusions that can be drawn from the work of Benkler, von Hippel, Weber (my review of both is here), and many others is that the Internet has reminded us that we live not just in one economy, but at least…
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links for 2006-09-27

New Art: Thinking digital differently"Flowing in the baroque wilderness of fleshy forms, diving into the realm of whatifs and whynots, is a delicious project called pixelnouveau"(tags: digital art photography)CJR September/October 2006 - Copyright Jungle"Perhaps most troubling, though, was the way in which the Da Vinci Code story was so often covered without a clear statement…
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DRM: The Elevator Pitch For Hackers

DRM isn't code, it's law.
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CC and DRM: A Brief Guide To A Non-Issue

How to Use CC-Licensed Work On "DRM" DevicesDVD - View on non-CSS DVD.iPod - Install unencumbered file using iTunes. No DRM is added.PSP - Add to memory stick then play or view normally.PS2 - Play from CD or DVD.PS3 - Boot in Linux and play or view.Wii - Use unprotected media.Devices From The Above List…
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What DRM Apologists Get Wrong

The problem with the Linux Kernel Developers position on DRM (and this can be seen in Debian-Legal's attitude to the Creative Commons anti-DRM language as well) is that they view DRM as a technology, not as an extension of copyright law. DRM has power only through law: it would not be illegal to remove or…
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Free Your iPod

Free your iPod! iPodLinux or Rockbox are both Free operating systems for iPods. iPodLinux is easier to install and supports all your existing software but may not handle as many formats. Rockbox is harder to install but supports more free formats and a wider range of players.So there really is no excuse for not having…
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New GNU Free Document Licence Drafts Are Out

Guide to the new drafts of documentation licenses ” GPLv3The first discussion draft of the GNU Free Documentation License version 2 was released on 2006 September 26, along with a draft of the new GNU Simpler Free Documentation License.The SFDL is much better than the FDL, and you can move FDL work with no invariant…
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links for 2006-09-25

Common EndsWeblog for Free Culture Dundee.(tags: free-culture group dundee scotland)Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | As a campaign is launched to get the nation drawing, writer and keen amateur sketcher Diana Athill explains how nudes changed her life"As a campaign is launched to get the nation drawing, writer and keen amateur sketcher Diana Athill…
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Goodbye Minara, Hello Inkscape

Writing Minara has been a positive, if occasionally frustrating, experience for me. It's precisely the wrong way to write a graphics program but it works surprisingly well. I've gained a lot of insight, and made something unique.But it's that uniqueness that limits its utility to others and means that I'm unlikely to find support for…
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