Month: June 2006

Alan Moore – Lost Girls

For. Technorati Tags: art, free culture

Brand Vs. Brand

“Zero influence!” » Blog Archive » Brand Vs. Brand I am being paid a million dollars to shill for the above link. OK, that’s not true, but I have been asked to mention it. Brand Vs. Brand is a kind


In Zoolander, the joke is that vapid, model-beautiful people make excellent assassins. In Ultraviolet, it’s not meant to be a joke.

My Commute

To work (left) and back (right). Home is at the bottom, work is at the top. Technorati Tags: GPS


My journey to Tesco for lunch (bottom path) and back (top path). The differences at the top of the image are to do with crossing the road. The differences at the bottom are to do with following the path or

GPS From Home

Home is top left. This is a round trip of a couple of kilometres. Technorati Tags: aesthetics

Public Domain Blog

Mitch Featherston’s daily public domain image blog is a wonderful treat. Each image Mitch posts tells a story or gives a taste of a different time, and many are useful resources for artists and designers. It’s one of my favourite

Post 1000

This is post 1010 (decimal) on this blog. Post 1000 was the one about the Foster’s blog. Cococo coco co cocococococo co coco cococo cocococo!


Oil is substitute labour. Hydrocarbon slavery (without exploitation) or surplus. Stakhanov in a tank. Or possibly his tears. Stakhanov’s piss? Technorati Tags: philosophy


Philosophy is a product of leisure. Leisure implies a surplus, the more leisure the more surplus. A large surplus is difficult for an individual to produce. Which may imply exploitation. What is the ethical and class character of leisure and