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2+2=3 (Updated)


There’s no evidence to show that “piracy” hurts artists’ incomes.

So of course:

BloodSpell is released under a “Creative Commons Attribution, No Commercial Use” License.

That clear? Piracy doesn’t hurt, so they are releasing the work under a NonCommercial licence. Excuse me whilst I fire up my Che Guevara t-shirt.

Update: Bloodspell’s makers tell me that they don’t have a licence from Bioware, who make the software they use, to release their work commercially. Since the work is a movie/video, I’m guessing this has more to do with the assets than the engine (it’s Neverwinter Nights). But that explains the NC license. And makes it cool that they got it.

I will now do my people’s traditional dance of apology and offer various sacrifices to Strange Company.

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Thanks for the comment!
BloodSpell’s under a noncommercial license because we don’t have the appropriate licensing from Bioware (the guys who made the game we use to film BloodSpell) to do commercial licensing. Otherwise it’d be full CC.

Although you’ve got a point – I should really distinguish between non-commercial piracy (P2P, Bittorrent, etc) and commercial piracy, where the case is a good bit more dubious.

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