Month: May 2006

minara – minara selection

A more complex selection: Picking doesn’t handle transformations yet, that’s next. Technorati Tags: minara

minara – selection

An unassuming square: Clicked on with the select tool, highlighted in transparent red: So selection works on a trivial case. I need to debug it on more complex cases, and then get drag and copy & paste working. It works!

minara – selection buffer code

The code that creates the selection buffer. This will act like a translucent drag or ghost drag rather than direct manipulation. Direct manipulation would be slow as we’d have to update the translation in the main buffer and render the

draw-something sketch

A code sketch for draw-something. Yes this is really how I work. The comments will be turned into code, and may or may not be kept. Ideally they won’t, the code should be self-explanatory (stop laughing at the back). ;;

“Seed Projects”, via cc-community

There are two interesting examples of commercial CC projects that pay for themselves. Loca Records license their music BY-SA and make money through CD sales and performances. It can be done. 🙂 And Elephants Dream, a short (11 minute) computer

Joshua Davis Workshop – Flashmagazine

Joshua Davis Workshop – Flashmagazine L systems. Art, Emergence, and the Computational Sublime Art, Emergence, and the Computational Sublime There was a big (diverse and informative) debate on eu-gene recently about how turing machines may or may not be able to be creative, so this looks interesting.

New Art: Trading Sheep

New Art: Trading Sheep Someone else gets the sheep! This is the best artwork I’ve seen this year. It moves the content of art on, expanding what and how you can show. You can look at it conceptually or relationally,

Notes Towards Free Culture

Charging Ansel Adams to Shoot in the National Parks At least they’re not asserting copyright on scenes of natural beauty yet, although you can see how they could be trademarked obviously. 😉 France Considers Anti-DRM ‘iPod Law’ Go France! It’s

This Site Was Down…

This site was down for most of yesterday and today (24th-25th May 2006). I didn’t receive any email sent to me during this time. So if you got bounced whilst trying to tell me that I’ve won any prizes, or